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Online converter of Gregorian dates to Republican dates

Aug 2, 2016 JavaScript France

This blogpost is not about programming tricks, design patterns and other IT stuff. It is about French history, the French Revolution and particularly about Revolutionary Calendar that started a new era, renamed months and even gave a special name to each day. Inspired by these great historical event I decided to develop the online Gregorian-to-Republican converter that you will find below.


After moving to France several years ago, I naturally started getting interested in French culture and history. The key milestone of French history is the French Revolution which in Russian speaking countries is even called “the Great French Revolution”. During this major event a lot of big changes were introduced, including the implementation of a brand new calendar free of any religious or royalist influence. About 12 years the whole France lived under Republican calendar.

Engrossed in reading about this dramatic historical period I was wondering what my birth date would be if the Revolutionary Calendar was still used nowadays. Finally, the solution came into my mind – to create a Gregorian-to-Republican converter that interpolates the Revolutionary Calendar after it was abolished in 1805.

Having started from JS library date-republicain I finished with the following online converter. You are welcome to try it.