Observer pattern in Symfony forms

Multiple events are dispatched during Symfony's form populating and submission. By observing these events you can adapt your form based on data mapped to it.

20 minutes read

Observer pattern in PHP

The first part of this article is about the Observer pattern itself. Two implementations are provided in order to depict the pattern in detail and to give its general concepts.

15 minutes read

Library to remove diacritic signs

This blogpost is a presentation of tiny PHP library that offers an easy way to remove accent signs from characters. In addition, a Symfony integration allows you to use Twig filter to delete diacritic signs in templates.

2 minutes read

Enhanced file type for Symfony forms

If you are searching for a solution for handling file uploads in Symfony's forms you will be glad to read this article. I will get you through the details of form field types, form events, data transformers and show them in action.

15 minutes read

SmartAdmin layout for Symfony forms

This article is a tutorial on customization of Symfony forms’ appearence. Using SmartAdmin as a case study, I will highlight key aspects that you need to know for adapting any element of your form to front-end requirements.

2 minutes read